Boomer found his way to Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville from Greenville, SC and as one of the founders of MPR AVL, I knew that finding a forever family for him would be so easy since he seemed like the perfect little pup.  We found Boomer what we thought would be his forever home, but sadly enough, Boomer showed his naughty side and was soon returned for biting his two-legged human sibling.

Boomer was then put with another experienced foster, but that only lasted a few hours, as he struck again when the foster stepped in to break up a fight between him and her resident dog.  Her arm accidentally got in the way of his mouth while fighting over the other dog’s toys, so back to me he came. 

Not wanting to give up on Boomer, we thought that he would benefit from the New Leash on Life program, which is an 8-week program at Craggy Prison, where dogs can learn basic manners and obedience along with house and crate training.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Boomer bit again and unfortunately, he was asked to leave the program.  Since this was his 3rd bite, I knew that he just had to become mine.  

The whole trials and tribulations of Boomer took just over a year and I knew he displayed these behaviors because he was bounced around so many times and anxiety lead to his naughtiness.  After being with me for a year, he stopped harassing my cats and feeling the need to guard all the things and now he’s the best shop dog ever!  You should definitely stop by to see him at the Thrift Hound and donate items or shop with us while you’re at it!

One last thing, after getting asked ALL OF THE TIME if he was a Chocolate Lab, I “bit” the bullet to do his DNA.  And come to find out, he is actually half Cocker Spaniel and half mix of Boxer/Pit/Chow. I like to think that his bad boy tendencies come from the Cocker in him .

Joelle, MPR AVL founder and Boomer’s mom