Your Donation is Lifesaving

Fosters, volunteers and donors like you, who unite in our grassroots efforts, makes saving so many animals possible. With the need so great, every dollar counts.

How Your Gift Helps

$10 Microchips one pet to help reunite them with their family if ever lost

$25 Provides kitty litter and food for a litter of kittens per week

$50 Helps cover the cost of one spay or neuter surgery at our local clinic

$100 Enrichment, treats and chews for the dogs in our foster homes

$250+ Covers lifesaving medical procedures for animals in our care

Other Ways to Give

Shop or Donate at The Thrift Hound

Got something that doesn’t spark joy for you anymore? Or, maybe you’re hunting for your next fabulous find. Either way, stop by The Thrift Hound. Powered by the generous donations and shoppers that visit each day, it aids our mission to save animals. 

Fulfill Our Wish List

Food and supplies go a long way to helping the countless cats and dogs grow and thrive in our foster homes. Shop our wish lists and send anything you can. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! 



Sit. Stay. And, of course, keep up with all our hairy happenings.

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