Prison Pup: Maui Jim

The Lead Volunteer of MPR AVL’s New Leash on Life Program sums it up best, “More love is passed around on this day than any other.”  And she is talking about graduation and adoption day for the lucky pups that get to participate in the training program at Craggy Correctional.

Featured here is Maui Jim who completed the program in June 2021 and found his forever human who happens to be an artist! She drew this picture of “Jimmy” and included a special note for the inmate that handled him during the program:

“Thank you for being the first person to show Jimmy what it’s like to be loved. I am so happy to be his new mommy, but at least in my heart, he’ll always be a little bit yours, too.”

Always a special day indeed and we are so lucky that our dogs get to participate in such an awesome program!